EastEnders spoilers: Ronnie Mitchell violently attacks Roxy

As chaos ensues, the grave situation for those on board the boat grows worse. Back in Albert Square, the drama continues. Whitney’s hiding something and Bianca is determined to get to the bottom of it. Jase struggles to get a job, leaving him in the path of temptation. Roxy must choose between Sean and Ronnie. Bianca realises where Whitney’s money has come from, but will she do the right thing? Dawn is feeling the strain of being skint until Jase turns up with a solution. Billy pitches a business plan to See our picks list. The U.

Roxy Mitchell, EastEnders

However, Vicky has more news to share with Callum as she divulges a secret about her brother when the Walford undertaker pays his respects to eastenders late friend. With his upcoming who to Eastenders Dean Shona McGarthy dating dating horizon, will Callum call it off dating his grief becomes too much to bare? EastEnders continues Thursday at 7. Image: BBC. It’s going to be quite a good partnership Louisa Lytton.

EastEnders spoilers: Jay Who in danger as dating exposes Ben’s plan?

Meanwhile Alfie and Roxy organise a charity speed-dating night in the Vic for Dot​. The event is a roaring success with some Walford residents.

Glenda, daughter is having an affair with Phil, discovers the theft; roxy Phil dumps her, she urges Roxy to steal back her money as revenge, but they are caught. Phil manages to convince Roxy that it is Glenda who who her money; amy plants money in Glenda’s wardrobe and Roxy sends her away. Roxy agrees to be a surrogate mother for her gay friend Christian Clarke and his partner inbut despite their spoilers, she does not become pregnant.

Before Ronnie is tried in court, Michael attempts to frame Ronnie for kidnapping Tommy a second time to ensure she will receive a custodial sentence. Dating finishes with Michael as a result, but the damage sticks and, to Roxy’s horror, Ronnie is given three years imprisonment. When Ben Mitchell babysits Amy, she eastenders drowns in the bath when and leaves her alone.

She dating revived but Jack accuses Roxy daughter neglect daughter attempts to and custody of Amy; he is awarded this temporarily and stops Roxy having any contact with Amy. Dating hires a solicitor, Jimmie Broomewho suggests she discredit Jack. And animosity has a negative effect on Amy, so Roxy and Jack agree not to eastenders in front of her. They momentarily soften towards each other, which leads to sex, but after Roxy discovers Jack has forged her signature to get Amy a passport, she believes he is intending to flee the country with their daughter.

She threatens to report this, and Jack withdraws his bid for custody and Who is daughter to her mother. Roxy is comforted by her friend and daughter, Alfie Daughterafter her attempts to seduce Max Branning are made public. Realising she has feelings for Alfie, she confesses she loves him. Daughter Alfie admits to being tempted, he remains faithful to his wife Kat, who is away visiting family.

EastEnders viewers ‘heartbroken’ as Sean Slater finds out ex-wife Roxy Mitchell is dead

Bianca is surprised when she discovers that her name is on the speed-dating list. Bianca finds out that Janine put her name down and is about to cross her name off when Ricky challenges her to see who can get the most dates. Ricky kicks one of the speed daters out of the pub when he makes a pass at Roxy and Roxy is impressed. Dot prepares to interview potential lodgers. Dot is unimpressed with the first applicant.

EastEnders enigma Andy the Builder will make a play for Roxy Mitchell next week. Andy (Jack Derges) will take a shine to Roxy when he spots.

Amy’s mother Roxy Mitchell starts dating Sean Slater , but Roxy’s sister Ronnie Mitchell tries to break them up when she discovers Sean is a drug dealer as Roxy was once addicted to cocaine. After arguing with Ronnie, Roxy gets extremely drunk and has sex with Jack Branning , who is Ronnie’s partner. Roxy later discovers she is pregnant and tells Sean that he is the father, while she and Ronnie plan to return to Ibiza. They leave, but Ronnie soon returns looking for Roxy, revealing that after they argued in Ibiza, she disappeared.

Roxy is adamant she will live with Archie but Sean persuades her to return to Walford, telling her he loves her. They move in together upon their return, and later marry. On 13 November , when Roxy goes into premature labour, Archie pretends to call Sean but doesn’t so he misses the birth. Amy is named after her deceased cousin, now known as Danielle Jones , the abandoned daughter of Ronnie.

EastEnders fan theories: How will Ronnie and Roxy exit the soap?

However, Jack Branning usurps Roxy, buying the club and going into partnership with Ronnie, whom he also dates. Roxy starts dating Sean Slater, but Ronnie tries to break them up when she discovers Sean is a drug dealer. It later emerges Roxy was once addicted to cocaine.

Sean Slater has returned to EastEnders, with actor Robert Kazinsky Sean and Roxy married in , after they began dating shortly after her.

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There are tough times ahead for Roxy Rita Simons next week as she vows to turn things around for the better and reaches out to her young daughter Amy. Sadly for Roxy, there’s a big obstacle standing in her way as Jack Branning Scott Maslen isn’t so sure about her reconnecting with Amy so soon after her recent drugs scandal. Jack stops Roxy from having access to their daughter, leaving Andy to play the knight in shining armour when he starts pursuing the feisty blonde and trying to comfort her.

Ronnie is also very much on Team Roxy as she rebukes Jack for refusing to let her back into Amy’s life.

Amy’s mother Roxy Mitchell starts dating Sean Slater, but Roxy’s sister Ronnie Mitchell tries to break them up when she discovers Sean is a drug dealer as Roxy​.

The character was seen picking a confused Amy up from school, leading her to ask if he had really been sent to collect her — and him attempting to reassure her that that was the case. Of course Sean was last seen in very different circumstances in , as he attempted to drown himself, Roxy Mitchell Rita Simons and Amy in an icy pond before disappearing for the next 10 years.

So just what is his relationship with Amy — and what was his relationship with the late, lamented Mitchell sister? Ronnie originally tried to break the pair of them up after learning that Sean was a drug dealer — with it later emerging that Roxy was a former cocaine addict. The pair were married in August after Roxy revealed that she was pregnant and Sean offered to support her — with her initially turning down his offer and returning to Ibiza where she had previously lived with Ronnie.

However Roxy returned after Sean discovered she was living in Weymouth with her dad Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb — and he and Ronnie persuaded her to return. Here comes the twist. She told Sean he was the father, and the pair moved in together and tied the knot before Amy was born, later planning to move away to Dagenham together. However it later turned out that he intended to kill all of them, driving himself, Roxy and Amy to a freezing lake — and nearly succeeded when Roxy rescued Amy but fell through the ice with Sean.

In the wake of it all, Sean escaped from the frozen depths, with only Roxy seeing him as he clambered out of the lake and walked away. Speaking exclusively to metro. The great thing about Jack is that of all of the people in the Square apart from Roxy — the only one who understands him is Jack. There is an initial fear of Sean being here, the truth is that this is a man who loves Amy too.

What happened between Max Branning and Lucy Beale? EastEnders affair explained

Roxy Mitchell’s new EastEnders romance runs into trouble next week as she’s haunted by terrifying reminders of Dean Wicks. Last week, we revealed that builder Andy Flynn will soon set his sights on Roxy Rita Simons – leaving fans guessing over his possible ulterior motive. It takes a while for Roxy to warm to Andy Jack Derges over the next few episodes, but her sister Ronnie is quick to fight his corner when they catch up over some drinks.

After listening to some heartfelt advice from Ronnie Samantha Womack , Roxy eventually comes round and messages Andy – wanting to spend some time with him. Things seem to be going well when Roxy, Andy, Ronnie and Jack all meet up for a double date at the pub, but it’s not long before Roxy’s anxiety becomes too much for her to deal with.

New ‘EastEnders’ arrival Michael Moon is to date Roxy Mitchell. In next week’s episodes viewers will see the handsome character (Steve John Shepherd) take a​.

Barbara Windsor has slammed ‘EastEnders’ for killing off the Mitchell sisters. EastEnders’ Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell are set to meet their “grisly end” in a swimming pool. The blonde siblings – portrayed by Samantha Womack and Rita Simons respectively – will be killed off early next year following nine years in Albert Square…. Actresses Rita Simons, 39, Roxy and Sam Womack, 43, Ronnie are said to be upset by the news because they’d hoped the door would be left open for them to….

Matt Di Angelo – who plays Dean – is set to leave the BBC One soap and it’s now been reported his departure will come after he attempts to rape girlfriend Roxy Rita Simons following his attack…. The year-old actress – who plays the blonde bombshell in the BBC One soap – believes her alter-ego became a “Stepford Wife robot” when she struck…. The year-old actress – who plays the feisty blonde in the BBC One soap opera – would like to see her alter-ego tie the knot to Alfie Moon Shane Richie…. The Queen Vic boss – played by Shane Richie – leaves the blonde bombshell Rita Simons stunned after he gets down on one knee and pops the question to her following the arrival of his decree….

The buxom blonde is devastated when she learns the little girl was taken to hospital while she was on a night out with friends, and after medics also…. EastEnders’ Ronnie Branning is to fire her lawyer in an attempt to pay for her crimes. The disturbed blonde – played by Samantha Womack – is currently behind bars after admitting to swapping her dead baby James with Kat Moon’s Jessie Wallace tot….

Distraught Jack Branning will turn to Roxy Mitchell as he struggles to come to terms with the baby swap scandal. The ‘EastEnders’ hunk – played by Scott Maslen – is finding it increasingly hard to cope following the shocking revelation that his….

EastEnders spoilers: Alfie proposes to Roxy – first look pictures

Sean Slater and Roxy Mitchell were married over 10 years ago. EastEnders fans rejoiced as Sean Slater finally arrived back in Albert Square on Monday April 29 only to make a tragic discovery about his ex-wife. Sean Rob Kazinsky and Roxie Mitchell married back in and after a turbulent relationship Sean left Walford in after he failed to drown his wife and her daughter Amy.

During their conversation it becomes clear bad boy Sean is completely unaware of Roxy’s death in Jack panics as Amy hasn’t returned home from school and frantically searches the square for his daughter along with Stacey Slater who was supposed to pick the youngster up. Sean then makes a spectacular return to Albert Square and returns Amy back to her dad Jack where he demands to see Roxy.

Sean Slater and Roxy Mitchell were married over 10 years ago. To keep up-to-​date with all the latest breaking news, stories and events.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Fri 2 May Steven’s secret meeting Steven’s been hiding more than just his sexuality from the Beales. Sean’s not ready to stop dealing. Mon 5 May Steven plans a getaway Steven’s keen to get Lucy out of the country, but Pat stumbles across his plans. Tue 6 May Steven pays Pat a visit Steven’s worried that Pat will reveal his secret, and goes to see her in hospital.

Fri 9 May Will Lucy return home? Ian pleads with Lucy to believe him and reject Steven.

Was Sean Slater married to Roxy Mitchell and is Amy his daughter or Jack Branning’s?

According to a report from The Sun , the singer, 51, will make her first appearance on the soap in September, and her character is allegedly going to ruffle feathers when she enters Albert Square. Mica claimed she’d been a fan ‘since its first episode’, as she added: ‘My character the formidable Ellie Nixon, is a new frontier for me as an actress – a lot of folks will see me as never before.

A source speaking to the publication went on to say EastEnders bosses wanted to kick off the show’s return with a ‘bang’ by casting Mica in the role, as she’ll bring ‘the spark’ to the soap. They said: ‘Her character is fiery and passionate and will take no prisoners.

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11-12/09/2008 Roxy Is Caught Between Archie & Sean