There isn't much news about the xbox 360 version of Black Ops 3, and I was wondering if it has split screen offline multiplayer (is it 2 or 4 player? And does it need o be connected to the internet, because I don't currently have wifi. Offline solo you can play multiplayer combat training with bots, solo zombies, and freerun mode.I advise staying away from the 360 version of BO3 until you have a next gen console to play the superior version on.There's really no reason to get the 360 version, especially at $50.

Xbox marketplace not updating video

BO 3 on xbox 360 and PS3 is just the MP component, there is no SP or story mode as they gave a gutted and really bad version to this gen.

Honestly theres no reason to waste $50 on BO 3 for this system, get the XBONE/PS4 version for the real game. That is almost the most disappointing part to me because I enjoy playing against the computer to relax, but they run a pattern and don't fight back if shot in the back--they just keep running. The only reason I wanted to get this is because I haven't play any Co D game since Black Ops 2, which I only played the splitscreen for with my cousins.

I'll definitely be staying away from this version then.

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I've noticed that in order for me to change my console language to Spanish, I would need to change the console's country to Spain or another spanish speaking country. I'm from belgium and i can't select english as consol language..... As most dutch people we don't have problems with english so I would believe many people would benefit from just unlocking languages to all regions.

You don't have to be from a Spanish speaking country in order to speak spanish, the same applies to other languages. From me personally this mean I paid for half the xbox experience.

[Mod edit: This idea was merged with a similar post from mikelim. Now this is something that has gone backward vs the original Xbox and 360.

I get that some content on the menu will be region locked etc and that's fine. But I have a mate form the US that works in Norway atm.

But the fact that when I chose my region as Norway. He bought an Xbox one for his stay, but can't set English as a language vs the region as Norway. As then he will get the games in Norwegian, the apps, the ads the menus you name it. The games dont have a language settings, so i want play the game in english, and can see and buy items from my store ( In México) not in usa store.

I personally want to have it in English, as not all games have a language selector, and thus uses the default system one. Thus I want the game menu and subs to be English, not Norwegian. Thus I changed my region to an English one as I can't stand the poorly translated games at times like Ubisoft has etc. Or what other animal besides eagle they use for the vision name each time. I voted on them, but creating more will focus on the issue. Thanks Please have an update for language options those people living in China who bought a legitimate China Day One Console or after.