Center Ivan Radmonovich, from Georgia (sometimes referred to as a "Russian"), focuses only on scoring, and his lack of defensive technique leads him to frequently commit unnecessary blocking fouls.Superstar forward Stacey Patton's me-first approach causes him to force low percentage shots because he is unwilling to pass, and his poor attitude hurts the team's morale - for example, he keeps referring to himself in the Third Person.

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The New York Knicks are also-rans in the NBA, their roster filled with players who either lack talent or are too distracted by off-the-court issues.

Nonetheless, limousine driver and rabid fan Edwina "Eddie" Franklin (Whoopi Goldberg) attends every Knicks game in the nosebleed section of Madison Square Garden.

During halftime of a game, Eddie wins a contest to be honorary coach of the Knicks for the second half.

She quickly gets on the nerves of head coach John Bailey (Dennis Farina), whom she had heckled earlier.

Eddie's popularity piques the interest of the new Knicks owner, "Wild Bill" Burgess (Frank Langella).

After he forces Bailey to quit, Burgess names Eddie the new head coach.

At first, she is treated with skepticism and derision.

However, she understands that the Knicks have the talent to win, but the players' individual problems have caused the team to underperform.

At a pivotal moment in practice, Eddie earns the team's respect by taking a hard foul from Patton in order to demonstrate proper defense to Ivan.

Eddie also begins to bench Patton in favor of veteran Nate Wilson, who was generally considered washed up because of chronic knee injuries.

Wilson experiences a late career resurgence, the Knicks begin to win, and New York embraces the team and Eddie's colorful personality.