But like most women, beautiful women want to be shown that you care.Beautiful women also like men who are established or at least appear to be.

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Compliment her beauty occasionally and her mind more.

A beautiful woman is accustom to being told how beautiful she is. For example, when you compliment her ability to make a good decision, it may be new and different for her.

Laura Prepon looks to have gotten herself a summer fling.

The “Orange Is the New Black” star is quietly dating fellow actor Ben Foster, according to Us Weekly.

Prepon and Foster, who were first spotted in New York together in late June, reportedly got cozy at a bar in Cape May, NJ, ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

“She was holding onto Ben and was all over him,” a source told Us Weekly.“They were really close, talking and laughing.” Foster, 35, most recently dated actress Robin Wright, breaking off their engagement in November 2014 before rekindling their romance last year but then splitting up again.She will appreciate you more if you open her car door and pull out her chair for her.It sends the message that she is special and shows that you care.Keep this up throughout the relationship and not just in the courting stages. Your gift doesn't always have to be expensive, especially if she knows that you can't afford it. The smallest trinket will tell a beautiful woman how you feel about her. Flowers, candy and jewelry every so often are sufficient. A beautiful woman has plenty of men with jobs trying to get her attention, so she won't want a man who is jobless for long.However, if you are between jobs, she may give you a chance if you can show her that you are diligently seeking employment.