He was accusing her of libel, slander, and many other things that occurred during a January 29th argument, and apparently she was very hard to track down.Apparently she had been dating him all throughout the first season of the show, while she was badmouthing him on TV.

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Gretchen Rossi’s Former Makeup Line Partner is Sueing Gretchen Rossi & Slade of Real Housewives of Orange County & Sell Louis Vuitton.

As if being sued by ex boyfriend Jay Photoglou for $40,000 wasn’t enough for sell Louis Vuitton Gretchen Rossi.

She is now reportedly being sued for $100,000 by her and Slade’s former makeup partner Ron Ann.

She is suing for breach of oral contract, among many other things.

Sell Louis Vuitton Gretchen Rossi had been the fiance of Jeff Beitzel, who was terminally ill and later died.

Gretchen told Jay that her and Jeff were no longer dating, but she was taking care of him because of his terminal illness.

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Many people feel that Gretchen and Slade would jump at the chance to take advantage of a business partner, and it does seem like Ron Ann has a real case, after reading the details of the 35 page lawsuit.

Gretchen’s main source of income definitely comes from episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County, so we will definitely be seeing much more of her.