May 31, 2016 This A+ list singer has fired two directors in charge of her live concert footage.Each one dared to show up on the big screen angles our A+ lister found unflattering.She didn’t give either one of them a second chance.

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Mumaw's brother, who was with him when he was shot, told police that the incident occurred where they had agreed to meet the juvenile to conduct a marijuana transaction.

Dougherty said Wednesday that investigators believe, as of Wednesday, that the amount of money and marijuana involved amounted to a "minor" drug deal and the sheriff readily agreed that it is "rather unusual to have someone shot and killed over a marijuana sale." Mumaw's brother, after seeing two black males get out of the juvenile's vehicle, told police that he heard his passenger side window break and saw his sibling bleeding from the chest, and then at the same time, attempted to flee from the basketball court area where the juvenile's vehicle had parked in front of his, records said.

In his statements to police, the juvenile, too, indicated that the shooting occurred during what was supposed to be an arranged marijuana sale, and that he took Newman and two other males with him to buy marijuana from Mumaw, records said.

, a relative of the Halliburton oil empire in Texas. Nan Yao Su, a prominent entomology professor at the University of Florida's Research and Development Center in Fort Lauderdale.

She was found by her son inside the family's Davie home.

was being held without bond Wednesday in Eastern Regional Jail, according to court records.Rakeem Deqwan "Rockee" Newman, 18, of West Washington Street, was arraigned on one count of first-degree murder.Mumaw of Jefferson County was pronounced dead at Jefferson Medical Center in Ranson, W.Va., at p.m., on Tuesday after being shot in the Tuscawilla Hills subdivision near a basketball court along Tuscawilla Drive.They are still looking for the other two males who were in the vehicle with a juvenile and Newman, and the sheriff said additional arrests stemming from the fatal shooting are possible.Mumaw appeared to have died as a result of a single gunshot wound that went through his upper back and exited out of his chest.