Emphasis on the "like," as he is married to Anna Faris and you dating the Judging by this high school yearbook snap, Pratt was that kid who used to sit at your lunch table adorably sharing his Doritos with you while excitedly rehashing last night's episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." You know, the guy you have dated in lieu of staring at that pot-smoking skater kid who thought your name was "Sally." ("It's Sarah," you'd weakly whisper to his retreating band t-shirt-clad back.) Everyone knows Andie Walsh should have chosen Duckie -- stop chasing those Blanes, already. Therefore, you will not end up having an affair with your salsa instructor (becoming yet another cliché).When you become old and get married, you'll apparently start wanting to go dancing with your husband and he will decline (at least according to some clichés I've seen bopping around). This makes him a "cool dad," which means that the kids will want to hang out with him at concerts or at the skating rink or at the soda shop (or wherever it is that kids go), leaving you alone to finish your novel -- or just stare into darkness and think about the slowly unfolding flower that is the universe.

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she spent the entire time introducing him to other girls!

Even after her divorce in 2007 to her first husband Ben Indra, when Anna and Chris started dating, she told him, “You can do whatever you want.

If you want to be with other people, that’s fine with me.” But secretly, Anna said, she was saying to herself “Please don’t!

'” It’s true that a lot of girls try to play it cool with a guy and pretend that the relationship doesn’t matter — even when it really does.

Have you ever stayed aloof with a guy you actually REALLY liked?

If you're anything like a living, breathing organism that takes oxygen in and out of its lungs, you've probably dated a few jerks in your time.You've probably also lamented the decision to hang with miscreants in retrospect, wondering, "How, oh how, do I curb my insatiable appetite for bad boys?" Well, we have the answer for you: Start dating guys like Chris Pratt.In 2015, he starred in Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise and his most financially successful film.In 2014, Pratt was ranked as His wrestling coach recalled asking Pratt what he wished to do with his life.Pratt relates: "I was like, 'I don't know, but I know I'll be famous and I know I'll make a shit ton of money.' I had no idea how. It was as dumb as someone saying, 'I'll probably be an astronaut.