Getting there: The phrases 'Drop Two Dress Sizes' has also been banned for 2016.

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Editor-in-chief, Amy Keller Laird, penned a thoughtful essay on Tuesday announcing the retirement of the 'shaming' cover lines as part of the fitness magazine's New Year resolutions, explaining that the decision was inspired by Women's Health readers.

Keeping their promise: Trainer Jillian Michael's January 2016 cover for the magazine features words such as 'strong' and 'hot'.

Women's health editor-in-chief Amy Keller Laird penned a poignant essay about the changes The editor noted that the magazine had stopped using words such as 'shrink' and 'diet' in 2015 at readers' request, but a recent survey showed that Women's Health fan's also weren't thrilled with taglines about achieving 'bikini bodies' or shrinking in size during unreasonable amounts of time.'Dear “Bikini Body",' she wrote.

'You’re actually a misnomer, not to mention an unintentional insult: You imply that a body must be a certain size in order to wear a two-piece. You’ve got a shaming, negative undertone that’s become more than annoying.'In a similar ode to the phrase 'Drop Two Sizes', Amy noted that the catchy - albeit unrealistic - tagline has been part of Women's Health throughout its 10-year history; however, she explained that the magazine has outgrown that ideal.

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