It's so confusing that I often lose track and I'm sure you do, too. You don't use human beings to satisfy your own needs.

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It's not about the best “hookup” or even necessarily about handpicking your perfect life partner. Dating is for learning about others and about yourself in a way that is fun and will bring you happiness. We are responsible for making this more complicated than it needs to be.

Treat others with respect and let them make you awkwardly giggle as your heart flutters. Visit new places and understand unique ideas and perspectives.

Stop trying to navigate through it like a game that you can manipulate to achieve the best outcome without much risk.

New Zealand’s hottest new boy band, Titanium have double the reason for celebration today with their debut single, ‘Come On Home’, crashing into the official New Zealand single chart at #1, an accomplishment which ensures the band also receive $10,000 cash prize from The Edge.

Choice TV is to be added to Freeview satellite and SKY TV.

Read Choice TV’s statement below: Freeview We’re pleased to announce that from 2nd July Choice TV will be available on Freeview Satellite (DTH) to 100% of New Zealand, on Channel 12.Choice TV is currently available on Channel 12 on Freeview HD (by […] In the wake of recent speculation, TV3 wishes to confirm that late night bulletin 3 News: Nightline will take a break at the end of this year.Here are a few ways to put down your cards and really look at the faces that surround you without wearing your own poker face: If the person then runs for the hills, ask yourself what the point was for investing any further emotion, anyway? If you want that girl with the curly blonde hair and 4.0 who you hardly know, go for it.Don't use others for the way they make you look to other people. You aren't beneath anyone or anything; you can have a dream and you are the largest obstacle standing in the way of it actually happening.Stop feeling like you are limited to certain people; you'll only grow to be unsatisfied with that limited group. If simple things like a “good morning” text or an impromptu smoothie date is how you want to show interest in someone, go for it.Be dorky and stop worrying about satisfying the status quo.