But there’s no explanation why it couldn’t just flag videos of those who don’t sign the deal as “Not On Red”, and instead had to go with a sign-or-disappear strategy.

You Tube made its top video creators an offer they literally couldn’t refuse, or they’d have their content disappear.

Today You Tube confirmed that any “partner” creator who earns a cut of ad revenue but doesn’t agree to sign its revenue share deal for its new You Tube Red $9.99 ad-free subscription will have their videos hidden from public view on both the ad-supported and ad-free tiers.

That includes videos by popular comedians, musicians, game commentators, and DIY instructors, though not the average person that uploads clips.

It’s a tough pill to swallow that makes You Tube look like a bully.

Subscriptions music service Spotify pays 70% and Apple Music pays 71.5%.

Earlier this year, a change to You Tube Partner Program Terms said creators would be paid just 55% of revenue. The money will be split up according to watch time, so creators with longer videos could benefit more than quick clip producers.

And to be clear, the removal situation and deal only apply to You Tube partners — very popular creators who already had a deal to earn 55% of ad revenue from their videos.

Though turning existing fans into paid subscribers instead of free viewers could earn creators more than the ad revenue, forcing them into the deal seems heavy-handed.

[Update 10/23/15: The takedowns have already begun.