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updating usb-77updating usb-1

I have been debating whether or not I should even attempt a firmware update.

I have been reading contradictory articles about these firmwares.

I also read somewhere that the magic tool and/or magician tool are not good softwares.

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I just recently bought a new Samsung 840 Pro (256GB) SSD and I've been getting an error trying to update the firmware with the included Samsung SSD Magician software.

I've tried running it as Admin, I've tried putting the update file(s) in several different folders (including an external HDD), and I still keep getting this error: It's driving me nuts!

I just want to update the Hi I just got a Samsung 840 250GB SSD (not Pro), and I am having the exact same problem - can't update the firmware.

I've even tried secure-erase and everything nothing just get similar error i.e. I have tried this on a win 8 laptop, and have set the Magician software to run in Win 7 compatibility mode and Run as an administrator.

I also have connected the drive to the USB3 port so I could clone my HDD to the new SSD Hi, I have the same: Samsung 840 250gb (not pro).