Every EC number is associated with a recommended name for the respective enzyme.

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For example, most cellulases are endo-acting, whereas Lac Z β-galactosidase from E. A general sub-site nomenclature exists to demarcate substrate binding in glycosidase active-sites.

EC numbers are codes representing the Enzyme Commission number.

This is a numerical classification scheme for enzymes, based on the chemical reactions they catalyze.

Glycoside hydrolases are also referred to as glycosidases, and sometimes also as glycosyl hydrolases.

Glycoside hydrolases can catalyze the hydrolysis of O-, N- and S-linked glycosides.

Glycoside hydrolases can be classified in many different ways.

The following paragraphs list several different ways, the utility of which depends on the context in which the classification is made and used.

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Glycoside hydrolases are enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of the glycosidic linkage of glycosides, leading to the formation of a sugar hemiacetal or hemiketal and the corresponding free aglycon.