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Using the wonderful recording this generates a ton of code which is quite useless.

The code below will display a 'table' of data, around each cell in this range I would like to add a border.

Online I haven't been able to find a simple or clear answer for this.

Value result = result + 1 End If Next I Option Explicit Sub Set Range Border(po Rng As Range) If Not po Rng Is Nothing Then po Rng.

Yes, it is just a entry-level GPS ( but don't get this wrong ), here "entry-level" just means it lacks MP3, Pictures and Bluetooth functions.

It has all essentail features with pre-installed the newest US and Canada Map.

Re-calculating route is fast and route-picking is wise.

Line Style = xl Continuous End If End Sub Sub testborder() Dim r Rng As Range Set r Rng = Sheet1.

Line Style = xl Continuous End Sub Sub Box It(a Rng As Range) On Error Resume Next With a Rng 'Clear existing .

We will automatically apply an Gift Card to your Gift Card Balance in the amount equal to the Prime exclusive discount after you become a paid Prime member. I am totally satisfied with the performance of this GPS.

If you cancel your paid Prime membership or return the qualifying smartphone within the first 3 months of your paid Prime membership, we may void your Gift Card or charge you in the amount of the Gift Card. I have tried it on different type roads in southen California, and it works great in all situations.