I was not able to replicate the issue on my i Phone 5s, but this You Tube user has managed to record the “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)” error on his i Phone 5s: Apple is widely expected to release i OS 7.0.3 for bug fixes, so we’re assuming that Apple will fix the bug in the update, as the BSOD error on an i Phone is quite embarrassing.

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Fortunately, a couple of possible fixes to stop the reboots have been discovered on the Apple discussion website.

Solution 1: When stuck in i Phone blue screen of death in i Work, users can either exit back to their documents list before opening the app switcher.

Or they can turn off i Work (including Pages, Keynote, and Number apps) data syncing with i Cloud.

I even returned it & took a new one, but no luck.

The bug is in i Work suite for i OS 7, I think, and not in the hardware.

I’m a heavy Pages user and this bug is hindering my work (besides scaring me to death).Numbers/Pages/Keynote, then tap on the “Use i Cloud” toggle to disable it). i Phone 5s users are reporting that they’re getting the “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)” error, a problem that ironically plagued older Windows PCs.According to the discussion threads on Apple support forums, i Phone 5s users are reporting random reboots following a BSOD when they use Apple’s i Works apps.How do I resolve the blue screen error while using i Work on my i Phone 5s?When I use Pages, for example, and press home button to switch app, my i Phone restarts after a blue screen.