He and Aireana turned at the same moment to check on the kids. Then her boyfriend looked at her and saw blood spurting from her neck.“Oh, my God,” he said, panicking, and crashed into a parked car.In the shock after the crash, Aireana had only one coherent thought: Still dazed, she walked away from the car.

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Last October, Aireana* and her boyfriend were driving through Oakland when a man on the street opened fire on their car.

Her two children, ages 6 and 1, were in the backseat.

Aireana remembers feeling something slam into her jaw and hearing a sound like a firecracker popping in her head.

Her boyfriend hit the accelerator and swerved down the street.

”Earlier that afternoon, Aireana had gotten her kids ready to go to the park.

She had taken meat out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. That year had been hard: She had been unemployed for the first half of 2013 with no stable place to live.

After scoring a new office job that summer, she moved into a two-bedroom apartment with her kids.

She remembers feeling pretty as she looked at herself in the mirror on the way to the car.

A bullet had smashed through her front teeth, grazed her tongue and broken her jaw.