Svn Operation Operation at org.core.wc2.

Subversion SCM$Check Out Task.invoke(Subversion at hudson. SCMCheckout Strategy.checkout(SCMCheckout at hudson.model. Abstract Build$Abstract Build at hudson.model. Free Style Style at hudson.model.

Resource Controller.execute(Resource at hudson.model. I clicked the "Downgrade to 1.39" button in the installed plugins section, restarted Jenkins and the problem appears to be solved.

However, I notice the installed plugins section now says I have 1.34 installed, which is a little confusing.

After upgrading to 1.42 of the plugin, using the "Emulate clean checkout by first deleting unversioned/ignored files, then 'svn update'" svn strategy intermittently results in errors that look like the following: ERROR: Failed to update svn://.svn-base'; expected: '151afc3b6d79443cc57fd52080d5f4d7', actual: '97acf6bf0db0d86168866633488b1a93' at org.core.

SVNError Manager.error(SVNError at org.core. SVNError Manager.error(SVNError at org.core.svn. SVNEdit Mode Editor(SVNEdit Mode at org.core.svn.

SVNRepository Impl.update(SVNRepository at org.core.internal.wc16. SVNUpdate Client16.update(SVNUpdate at org.core.internal.wc16. SVNUpdate Client16Update(SVNUpdate at org.core.internal.wc16. SVNUpdate Client16Update(SVNUpdate at org.core.internal.wc2 Svn Old Old at org.core.internal.wc2Svn Old Old at org.core.internal.wc2.The file its mentioning, .svn-base, is the file it originally checked out and stored in the directory.the error basically means, that file got corrupted as it says. should then be able to copy over your modified files to the new checkout and use it.If you still get such crc errors and each time you redo the checkout which file it errors on is different, your hard drive is likely dying, or something else is corrupting it...either memory, cpu, motherboard, hard drive controller...