Recently the Divas Revolution has been sweeping the WWE, causing a lot of fans to pay attention and realize there are woman performers in WWE. I'm going to take a look at a few of my favorite Divas storylines from the past.Many fans especially the casual fans may not be aware that WWE divas have mattered once before. Luna Vachon vs Sensational Sherri First I'll start with one of the first Women feuds in WWE history. They began feuding after Luna showed up in Shawn Michaels corner at Wrestle Maina 9. Sherri eventually left the company due to failed drug test, but this rivalry produced good tv moments while it lasted.

Al and Dawn went on a honeymoon where Al died of "Over exertion." Torrie and Dawn's rift grew after the death of Al eventually leading to the first ever Step Mother vs Step Daughter match at Royal Rumble 03.

This Storyline came out of the era when Paul Heyman was head writer of Smackdown.

I like it because it such a unusual story to see in wrestling.

Torrie and Dawn were by no means the best in ring performers but they were decent.

The story between the two was so strong it didn't matter.

Torrie Wilson's father, Al Wilson came to support her at a few of the shows.Torries' rival Dawn became smitten with Al and the two began dating.Of course Torrie had an issue with this and she would confront Dawn.Dawn Marie had a proposition for Torrie, If Torrie would sleep with her, she'll call off the wedding with Al.Torrie reluctantly agreed and went to Dawn's hotel.Of course Dawn didn't call off the wedding to Al and married him anyway.