Safer Sex More than condoms - thinking and acting safe sex What is Safer Sex? • Cuddling, stroking and kissing • Vaginal sex with a condom and a water-based gel such as KY Jelly • Massage • Rubbing • Anal sex with a condom and a water-based gel • Mutual masturbation • Masturbation • Oral sex with a dam/Lollye (a thin square of latex which fits over the vagina or anus) or a condom covering the penis SAFER SEX AND ALCOHOL DON'T MIX Emily, 17: "I was at a party and there was this guy who kept going on an on about how he wanted to sleep with me.

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Bianca Le Rue: I was in chatroom and heard Erika was going off so I had to come and find out about what was going on.

I try not to get in shit like this but I agree with Erika on this!!! Man_Whore: So far 8 people have answered my poll, thank you for participating. A (Van Nuys) Address: 15164 Oxnard St., Van Nuys, CA.

We all a in a box on what going on with our sisters that suffer with hate crimes, exsp. 3 opt for real date night, 2 opt to just meet at sex club, 1 says either one, 2 will message their requests of what to do. diadora: Pardon me if this is not the place to ask, but thinking of going to LAX tonight and wondering if any of the experienced ladies out there could answer a few question for me regarding changing/ extra outfits. 91411 San Diego address write to: Private Party [email protected] Bay (near LAX) address write to: So Bay Sex [email protected]*Please specify which city and party you are interested in when contacting us. Partygoers must be extremely discreet when arriving.

There are three bedrooms and a living room with a pool table and a stripper pole in the living room.

There is also a swimming pool for summer parties and an outdoor area with a fire pit.

This is a totally private location and event if you don't know the password you will not be allowed entrance to the party.

Our flagship location has multiple rooms, three areas with big group beds, plenty of parking, private booths, dressing room for girls, a stripper pole, and an outdoor lounge area for smoking and socializing.

There is a room with mirrors for ladies only to use one hour before the party and during the parties as well. Our newest location is in a huge club space with lots of kinky decor and interesting play space. It has two stages, 5 rooms, and lots of couches for socializing. This is a private location and you must know the address and password to enter.

But it's important to know when you switch from "having fun" to "being out of it".

If you're too stoned or drunk to know what you are doing, you are putting yourself at risk…of having unsafe sex; of having sex when you didn't really want it or having sex when you definitely didn't want it, which is rape. You could wake up pregnant, with a sexually transmitted infection or just feeling rotten about yourself. Party Rules • Decide how much you're going to have BEFORE you go out and stick to it • Slow down the effects of drinking before you go out by having something to eat and drinking water, not alcohol, when you're thirsty • Hang out with people you trust • Agree with a friend beforehand to tell you when you're making a fool of yourself.

Agree to do the same for your friend when they get off their face • Do not stick with anyone if they're making you feel uncomfortable to pressuring you • Say no at any time if you want to • If you think you might end up having sex, take a condom • Plan how you're going to get home.