The correlation between teen violence and video games is often debated.Learn possible effects of video gamess on children and teens, statistics on teen video game use, and tips for parents to help reduce the effects of violent video games on teenagers.

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Violent media, including computer and video games, has long been believed to have some impact on teen violence.

What researchers do not yet know is how much of an impact it has and what the long term impacts of video games on teen violence will be.

The number of violent video games and the realism of their violence has increased dramatically in the last two decades, while violent teenage crime has declined.

Some say that this is evidence that violent games do not cause teen violence.

Parents have to make determinations about what they consider acceptable in a teen’s video game playing, and if it has any negative impacts on their behavior.

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There have been disturbing connections, however, between school shootings, teen violence and video games that are violent which may show that some individuals who are predisposed to violence are drawn to violent video games.

Not every teen who plays violent video games is going to commit a violent crime, but there may be less obvious effects of violent games on teens.