It’s a dynamic, fluid society in which women have dominant power roles.

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The eldest woman in the longhouse even gets her own handmade chair, which must be carved painstakingly from one piece of wood.

Land is owned communally by the village while the forests are sacred, part of their ancient animistic religion.

While vestiges of ancient customs still remain, the Ede of today are primarily Protestant Christians.

In Mosuo society, women make most of the business decisions and they run the households completely.

The Ah Mi is the ultimate leader of a household, typically the eldest female. Often one household will take in another household’s child, and raise them as part of the family.

While everyone else shares a communal space, women over 13 years old get the privacy of their own room, called a “flowering room.” The Mosuo practice walking marriage, which basically means a woman can pick a partner but aren’t really bound to them.Children are raised by the whole household and uncles are expected to play the male role in the lives of their nieces and nephews.Although women have made great strides in terms of equality over the years, worldwide, men still own more businesses and run more countries and communities—it’s still a man’s world.There are precious few examples of societies that are truly governed and actually led by women, but they’re out there.And we could stand to learn a thing or two from them: here are five women-run societies from around the world, and the governing philosophies that make them unique.Traditionally, in Ede villages, women own all of the property and they pass it on to their daughters.