but my domineering father whose self-interests for me showed no concern whatsoever for mine, or anyone else's, feelings forced me into the school.I remember taking a long test for placement in the school in the gymnasium and I recall receiving the acceptance form. Each redacted letter was edited and approved by the individual correspondent prior to posting.I had mixed feelings about this, having just spent eight years under the tutelage of . All correspondence received concerning this matter is held in strict confidence.

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We had no knowledge of the psychology of oppression or the idea of child abuse, or even heard the word "pedophile." There was nothing in my life that prepared me for the horror that was to unfold in in the following two years. Telling our stories is vital to heal ourselves, motivate others, correct injustice and set the record straight. I cried a lot because I could not believe how much they suffered at the hands of not only the Brothers but any adult who was affiliated with the place in one form or another.

Only in retrospect, looking back at the experiences some thirty five years later can I even begin to communicate what I, and certainly many of my fellow students, went through in that place. What was even more disturbing was how the government, local police, residents and family members did very little to investigate when some of the boys, at the time, turned to them for help.

In our freshman class we were introduced to the teachers of the subjects on day one. I can honestly say that I am not shocked however at the reaction of the and I hope that all of those young men who they tried to break realize that they are not victims rather "brave" boys and now "brave" men who did absolutely nothing wrong but everything right.

Many of us kids were humiliated and intimidated by the nuns on an ongoing basis. I hope that you can help me, and perhaps I might be able to help you. I do not know if he was ever "exposed" or if anyone ever filed any sort of formal complaint against him, that information is hardly going to be made readily available through the alumni association or the order.

The image of a stern nun in full habit, bearing down on you with ruler in hand is the stuff of nightmares. I graduated from I recently began Googling all the word and name combinations I could think of to let the internet retrieve information for me, but alas I have come away almost empty-handed -- except for your short piece on Why are there no other mentions on the internet of these events? I would like to hear that at some point someone in authority stepped in and took him away from teaching high school kids.

I graduated from the grasp of the as my homeroom, in what was then the new extension to the original school building. Back in '65 I did not know the meaning of "sociopath," was himself mentally ill and in need of supervision and care. I have asked myself often why it is that I do not feel much affection for my high school days.

It was intimidating at first meeting the teachers, Brothers and lay men, who taught at the school. I do not know if he ever got any care for his afflictions. I always attributed that lack of nostalgia to the fact that it was an all-male institution and the fact that it was a catholic school and I have become quite non-catholic.

Up until that point in time I had only had women as teachers and suddenly the teachers were all men. There have got to be others out there who might be willing to share their experiences if enough of us come forward. But I realize it is also issues such as this that compromise fondness for those days of youth.

As teenagers in the mid sixties, we were very naive, not having been exposed to much beyond the confines of the Catholic schools that most of us had attended before coming to . I don't know where it all might lead, but I sense that us being in contact has something to do with us both healing. Given that there have been two recent deaths in my family and that I am struggling in the process of healing and given that this realization about and his colleagues in crime is bringing me down, I am going to let this go for now. 28, 1928 - Mount Vernon, NY Graduated Iona Preparatory School, New Rochelle Entered Congregation of Christian Brothers July 1, 1945 Professed First Vows September 8, 1946 Professed Final Vows September 8, 1953 Fordham University - BA Education 1953 St. Irwin taught at the following institutions: and nuns who ran the Reformatory and Industrial Schools where many of these surviving victims were brought to live at a very young age.