His passport has been revoked, leaving him stuck in Indonesia.The original allegations against Bantleman were made in March 2014 while he was teaching at the Jakarta International School (JIS), an upscale private school attended by children of diplomats, expatriates and wealthy Indonesians, and accused him and an Indonesian teaching assistant of sexually assaulting three kindergarten pupils some time between January 2013 and March 2014.

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Pipit says doctors told her that her son could only have contracted the herpes virus by sexual intercourse. The first two lab reports from hospitals in Indonesia indicated a positive result for what is called an Ig M test.

The Ig M test determines a patient's possible recent exposure to the herpes virus.

But because of its high rate of false positives, the Ig M test has been discontinued in most developed countries, including Canada.

She brandished one of those tests at a news conference in April 2014, insisting the test showed her son had tested positive for herpes.

The results of the tests were entered into evidence in the case against Bantleman.

tracked down the boy's family at an undisclosed location in Europe."Yes, I believe my son was sexually assaulted by Neil Bantleman," Pipit told host Mark Kelley in an exclusive interview. "The things running through your head are: I'm Canadian, I'm a teacher, I'm going into a prison in Indonesia. Bantleman, a Burlington, Ont., native who used to teach at the Webber Academy in Calgary, was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison in April 2015 largely on the testimony of three kindergarten-age boys and little forensic evidence. " Bantleman, 46, told the investigative program in Jakarta, in his first television interview.His conviction was overturned last August, but his nightmare is far from over.The Indonesian justice ministry is determined to get Bantleman back behind bars and has filed an appeal of the most recent court decision.