Well in this book you will find out just exactly what it takes to find and marry a Ukrainian lady and just why so many men will do whatever it takes to fulfill their dream of seeking, finding and winning the heart of their ideal Ukrainian lady. You notice this immediately you land in the country and begin your journey outside of the airport.Well I have travelled to over 38 different countries around the world, including Ukraine and to be quite honest with you, I don't think I've seen so many beautiful women per square kilometre, than I have in Ukraine. Why do you think it is that so many male expatriates who are posted to such cities as Kiev, never want to leave!Quite simply, Ukraine is awash with beautiful women.

Don’t attempt to rush her into meeting face-to-face. If you were dating a girl in the real world she wouldn’t just see your head.

When the conversation has been opened about meeting face-to-face for the first time, suggest that you meet in a very public place, during daylight hours and that she bring a friend with her. You’ve informed her the truth about yourself and she has already seen many photos of you.

The only thing left is to make her feel safe meeting you.

So what are you waiting for, lets start your online dating now.

Most people have taken to online dating like a duck jump into the water…because it works…or, at least, it can work.

Women are normally afraid of meeting a man that she has been chatting with online. You aren’t a pervert, a sexual predator, or a weirdo. Be absolutely honest about your physical appearance and job.

All they’ve heard about are the scary issues that can happen…and, I must say, these people have a right to be extremely careful. You are only a good man searching for “the” girl for you. Don’t press her for personal information like her real name or where she lives. A great relationship has never been, and will never be, built on lies and deceit.

Maintain your interactions light and fun until she feels comfortable chatting with you online. Eventually she will discover the reality anyway and there you are back at square one. Post many photos of yourself doing your everyday activities and make them full body shots, not just head shots.

Ukrainian women are renowned not just for their beauty, but also for their style and charisma.