National Archives of Scotland The Archives holds the public and legal records of Scotland plus many local and private archives.

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The Archives Hub enables you to search across a wealth of archives held at nearly 200 UK institutions.

Scottish Archive Network (SCAN) This site links the catalogues of 52 archives in Scotland.

The offers free access to Scottish historical documents online.

Categories include military records, passports, court records, property records, tax records, lighthouse records, railway records, poor relief records and emigration records which include the Highlands and Islands Emigration Society passenger lists (1852-1857).

allows you to view digitised material from the collections including thousands of maps 1560-1928, medical history of British India, golf in Scotland 1457-1744, photographs and much more.

There is also online access to 694 directories 1773 to 1911, covering 28 of Scotland's towns and counties.Detailed information on researching your family history is available.Archives Hub Use the Archives Hub to find unique sources for your research.They also contain a wide variety of other documents, providing a picture of everyday life in Scotland from the 16th century onwards and amount to more than 25,000 volumes, about 5 million pages of information.Later in 2011 it is planned to make these records more widely available online via a subscription-based service.Researchers will have the choice of accessing the records free of charge in various Scottish archives, or using the subscription service.