It sounds like they’re better off as friends, anyway.“Though Rumer is denying any love interests, she also knows that she could meet her future husband anywhere and at anytime, so if an opportunity presents itself then she will pursue it,” our insider added.Sadly, it doesn’t sound like Val is Rumer’s future husband.

After Rumer and Val won the Mirroball trophy, she had massive support from her family after the big win, and it was captured in the cutest pic ever!

Rumer posed with Val, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and her sisters Tallulah and Scout.

They looked like one big, happy family setting their differences aside to support Rumer. We also know that Demi’s ex husband, Ashton Kutcher, has also shown support for Rumer throughout her competition on the show.

hunk Mark Salling — she wants him to get her on his show! “Rumer’s wanted to be a singer for years, and she thinks , print edition, December 20, 2010] If this article has any truth in it, Rumer sounds delusional.

The 22-year-old daughter of film stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore set her sights on Mark in October, and the relationship “quickly became intense,” an insider told the . First, Mark Salling is too much of a player to settle down right at the height of his fame.

They’ve already met each other’s parents — and Mark has proved to be a big hit with Demi, Bruce and Rumer’s stepdad Ashton Kutcher. She sees Mark as her ticket to TV fame, says the insider. — and we’re not just talking about their big win on the finale!The dance partners often left the audience stunned with their passion and amazing chemistry on-stage and off-stage. They are great friends and there will be nothing romantic that comes from that friendship.So is there anything romantic going on between them? She doesn’t want to date right now, she wants to focus her attention on her career.Working on film, music and the stage are her priorities, and guys are far down on the list,” an insider tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.winning the Mirrorball trophy, and that’s the kind of bond that will last a lifetime.