God gave man a planet that is beautiful and can supply all of our needs.We have a responsibility to take care of this gift called Earth. We taught our children and grandchildren not to litter.Our parents taught us the practice of "waste not, want not." Did you know that on a hot summer day America's electrical grid is at 90% capacity?

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We make this promise because I know for a fact that Let me take this guarantee one step further.

Don't feel like you must use my techniques to get a refund (that’s only if you want a 100% refund).

If you don't like the DVD/VHS for ANY reason, even because you don’t like the color of the cover, return it for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price. Many of you may have experienced moisture or mold problems in the corners of your home.

This old man really thought that the young and beautiful Chanel has married him because she loves him although he has been warned by his friend. The wedding night open his eyes but it’s too late now! That is his place and a beautiful life is waiting for her…

He leads his young wife into the room but there is no kiss for him. ”, Chanel says with an arrogant voice and her finger points down to the floor.

Chanel smiles at herself as she watches the old man down at her feet. And we immediately start: You will lick my shoes now! He is so deep under her spell that he bows down and starts cleaning the expensive sandals of his young wife.In just a few years, America’s electrical grid will be overloaded, unless we take action NOW.We can provide our energy needs if we simply conserve and change our wasteful ways.We hope that people all around the world will take control of our energy situation before environmental disaster requires us to take immediate or alternative action.If these home energy cost saving measures do not save you money, and if you somehow fail to recoup your small investment, return the product for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price.