I am sad to tell you all that I will be leaving St. I am moving to the other coast, to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia). The demands of both teaching at Cathedral School for Boys and doing church music have been overwhelming at times, and I also wonder if a new parish musician can bring new life to your choir. Francis after July 3, when we will begin seeking a new church home.I have been thinking about making this move ever since I retired. I suspect a change every 19 years or so may be a good thing all around. This has been a hard decision taken with thought and time. With all good wishes for the future, Rob & Mark A few years ago a very generous individual gave St.Philadelphia is where I grew up and attended college and seminary as well. Francis a gift of $50,000 to be used specifically for community outreach. Francis Food Pantry has received matching funds from this gift for the last two years.

We are a very blessed community and we are called to share our blessings with others and help them succeed.

I'd like you to meet Virginia Jourdan, the artist who now houses her business in the space where our Thrift Shop was previously located.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview her recently and discovered what an interesting woman she is!

For the past 19 years, it has been my privilege to work alongside clergy, colleagues, and musicians, and most of all, the exceptional choir, whose dedication and skill are a constant inspiration.

We are hoping that all of you will support this new project in any way you can.

As we move forward we will be looking for those who can actively participate in the planning phase, as advisors, and as mentors to the loan recipients.Be thinking of how you might fit into this new and unusual opportunity.So even though I have not lived in the Philadelphia area for several decades, this move is a going home. What comes to mind is faithfulness, dedication, caring, generosity and joy, including light hearted laughter. Our plan would include mentoring during the course of the loan and fostering an ongoing connection with St. We are working with the OMI Family Resource Center and we are researching how other established groups in San Francisco provide such micro-loans.I am looking forward to my life there: connecting with old friends, forming new friendships and entering into new projects as I live into retirement. You are my parish family here and I cherish the connections I have had with you these past five years. Specific guidelines and forms will need to be developed and reviewed.It has been a joy and an honor to preside and preach and serve among you and to be part of the wonderful St. We know that our parish has many very talented and generous people. I will miss them, the organ, the beautiful church, and the many loving parishioners who have made our time at St. For at least the past year, it has seemed more and more that the time has come to move on.