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Rebecca commented on the meaning of "Don't Worry" by saying "I am really quite a dramatic person and this song is a drama, a story, that challenges me to truly give things to God and not 'take them back' by worrying." Rebecca talked about the song, saying "The idea for this song came from letters that I have written to my future husband, that I will one day give to him. Songs such as "For the Love of God" and "Merciful" are rock-driven songs backed by string arrangements, while "Reborn" is a dance-groove track.

I sing it not just to him but on behalf of young women today, encouraging the future husbands of our generation to stay sexually pure, to wait for us." The album was chiefly produced by Matt Bronleewe, who produced eight out of the thirteen tracks, including "Reborn", "Don't Worry", and "For the Love of God". "Reborn", "Don't Worry", "One", "Wait for Me", "Universe", "For the Love of God", and "Intro" were all featured in the set list.

Other producers who worked on the album were Dann Huff and Pete Kipley. Transform has a more electronic drive to the album.

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