The two hottest co-stars of Bollywood were in the news during their aggressive promotional events.

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Fans and Indian media were gearing up for a big Bollywood wedding of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif in 2016 - thanks to their wild imaginations. Sources to the website have confirmed that the relationship is headed for a closure.

Ranbir and Katrina have been living together for a while now and marriage seems to be the next possible conclusion. "It is not working out between them," the source added.

"They have had differences ever since Ranbir went on a major publicity drive with Deepika Padukone for 'Tamasha'." Ranbir and Deepika make a perfect couple on-screen.

They have been the talk of the town and their chemistry on and off screen is way too palpable.

She also, almost, sounded unhappy for not being close enough to Ranbir's parents. "The back of my head wants to believe that I am (a part of the lucky category). I don't think I can make such claims, because were it selfless love, then I would not feel the need to assert myself as much in the relationship. "My greatest fear is that if and when I get married and I am standing at the altar or the mandap, he may not love me completely.

She said, "I am not as close to Ranbir’s family as I would like. Family would be a defining factor when I make the decision to marry. So, if my partner gives me what I need, I can be the best girlfriend you can wish for." Katrina, who has been in a relationship with Ranbir for over two years now, spilled some more beans on their relationship. That he may not know his mind well enough to be making those commitments.

The anticipation of heartbreak is my only fear," Katrina said.

The 32-year-old actor said that she can't force her will on Ranbir and hopes that his choices change with time.

Katrina has kept her distance from Deepika ever since the former started dating Ranbir. I want to get what I think I deserve," Katrina added.