QProgress Dialog offers a solution to this problem: it estimates the time the operation will take (based on time for steps), and only shows itself if that estimate is beyond minimum Duration() (4 seconds by default).

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The QProgress Dialog class provides feedback on the progress of a slow operation.

A progress dialog is used to give the user an indication of how long an operation is going to take, and to demonstrate that the application has not frozen.

It can also give the user an opportunity to abort the operation.

A common problem with progress dialogs is that it is difficult to know when to use them; operations take different amounts of time on different hardware.

Use set Auto Reset() and set Auto Close() to change this behavior.

Note that if you set a new maximum (using set Maximum() or set Range()) that equals your current value(), the dialog will not close regardless.There are two ways of using QProgress Dialog: modal and modeless.Compared to a modeless QProgress Dialog, a modal QProgress Dialog is simpler to use for the programmer.Do the operation in a loop, call set Value() at intervals, and check for cancellation with was Canceled().For example: A modeless progress dialog is suitable for operations that take place in the background, where the user is able to interact with the application.Such operations are typically based on QTimer (or QObject::timer Event()), QSocket Notifier, or QUrl Operator; or performed in a separate thread.