Other research suggests that the most satisfying sexual encounters for many women may depend more on the emotional and physical closeness they feel with a partner than whether they climax.

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Now, Lisa simply fakes orgasms with her husband and masturbates in private, several times a week -- climaxing every time, she said.“It still really bums me out, whenever I think about the fact that I can’t have that with him,” Lisa said.

“But honestly, I could probably live the rest of my life the way I am now, just orgasming by myself and acting like it with him.”n recent decades, sex therapists and researchers have begun to better understand what makes women tick sexually, how often they get off (or don’t) and how that matters to them.

The famed Kinsey Institute's website, for example, refers visitors looking for more information on orgasm to a study from the 1990s that found women are far more likely to always or almost always orgasm when they masturbate than when they have sex with a partner.

But don't confuse Justin's character's distastes for his own.

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well, acts that men supposedly don't like performing on women that I have very strong feelings against.

isa, 21, met and fell in love with her husband when she was just 16 and he was 19.

The Arkansas native thought their early sex life "was the greatest thing." Having someone desire her and touch her was new and thrilling, and Lisa assumed she was having orgasms, so she moaned appreciatively in the way she thought an orgasmic woman would.

Five years, a wedding and one child later, Lisa knows she was not. it was like the best thing I’d ever felt in my life,” Lisa said. Since then, however, orgasms have continued to elude Lisa when she's intimate with her husband.

(She was among several women who candidly discussed with The Huffington Post their experiences in committed, sexually active, but orgasm-less relationships.)Lisa's realization came three years ago, while the couple was having sex crammed together in the front seat of a car. She's had no more than four in the ensuing years, though they have sex three to five days a week.

They've tried oral sex with limited success, even as Lisa coached her husband on how and where to touch her.