Many of them are dismal, but there are also some really great ones if you know what you are looking for.Most books have been given a rating and as you would expect, the ratings are high, because this is the best of the bunch in our opinion.

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With a certain amount of leisure time beckoning, I thought it might be time to start dealing with the questions I’d been asked for thirty-odd years – “How did the band get its name? Our Verdict: 10/10 Amazon Paperback USA | UK | Canada Inside Out by Nick Mason.

SPECIAL EDITION For some years now visitors to AFG have been able to order a signed dedicated hardback copy of Inside Out, Nick Mason’s brilliant book about Pink Floyd.

Many happy fans have ordered a signed copy and been delighted that not only has Nick signed the book, but he has in fact written a personal dedication (of your choice).

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At a guess there are probably around 100 books that have been published in the English language alone about Pink Floyd.