“The long hours, the constantly being busy — there’s always something that needs to get fixed [on the farm].” Wagner, who lives on a farm near the unincorporated community of Bordman in rural Wisconsin, has been using the dating site for over a year.She said Farmers has really helped her meet men who have a similar passion for farming and country life.

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“She quickly realized that most people have just traditional 9-5 jobs, Monday through Friday.” Miller said.

“Here she’s going 7 days a week, from 5 in the morning until the sun goes down.

People [in the city] just can’t relate to that at all.” After hearing a similar struggle from many single farmers, “City Folks Just Don’t Get It” eventually became the website’s now ubiquitous slogan.

“I think their slogan about ‘City Folks Just Don’t Get It’ is true,” 34-year-old organic farmer Josephine Wagner said.

That’s always kind of an ice breaker, ‘What do you do with your milk?

’” Even though most rural singles signed up on Farmers are aware of the daily demands of life on the farm, Wagner said that doesn’t make it any easier to find time to meet for a date in person.

“[The dairy farmer] would have to have someone come to the farm to do the evening milking if he wanted to go out,” Wagner said. I really have a greater respect for dairy farmers.” However, finding time to meet up for a first date is not the only challenge for busy, rural farmers.

One problem that has been plaguing man since the dawn of time? That’s why more and more single farmers are trading in tradition for technology as a way to meet his or her one true love.

With over 4 million users, Farmers founder Jerry Miller said the dating website, which is open to everyone, has helped connect traditionally isolated single farmers and rural folks with millions of eligible singles just like them.

Miller, formerly a marketer for an agricultural company, said he was inspired to create the site after having a conversation with a recently divorced female farmer.

Miller said she confessed to having a tough time connecting with dates on larger dating websites because her city-living dates couldn’t relate to her lifestyle.