Regardless of their shape and size, though, the most collectible bottles are those produced prior to 1919, the year Prohibition began.Figural, barrel-shape, and engraved bottles are just a few examples of the types of liquor bottles from this era.In fact, one of the first uses of bottles was for liquor, as well as wine.

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The one-gallon or larger demijohn bottles are good examples of this.

Many liquor and spirits bottle collectors tend to focus on a specific type of liquor, bottle shape, or brand.

Brandy, vodka, rum, and schnapps all tended to have relatively uniform bottle shapes, while whiskey and gin came in a wide array of bottles, making them somewhat more collectible than the other liquors because there are so many more variations to collect.

In some cases, such as the Jim Beam figural bottles, collecting categories are combined.

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There are as many styles of antique liquor and spirits bottles as there are the types of liquor to go in them.

Gin was first brewed in the mid-17th century in the Netherlands.