In a few rare cases, the update has resulted in damage to databases.Here is an example of a console affected in this way: Fortunately, Ghost does a backup of the database during the update. Must I purchase anything or am I doing someting wrong?Here is how to restore that: Hi Randall, I have just installed the update I have already bought a license for 12 users in 2008.

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i Cloud Photo Library is easily the most seamless way to access photos on all your i OS devices but there is a catch – you must pay. It first came out as a beta feature in i OS 8.1 and has since been around for about a year.

You can enable or disable i Cloud Photo Library from the i Cloud settings on the i Phone.

In i OS 9, I found that it comes automatically enabled.

To me it just looks like a apple-and-a-stick approach to make some extra cash at the expense of unsuspecting i OS users. While Photo Stream keeps a number of your latest photos in sync between multiple i OS devices, i Cloud Photo Library syncs all photos you take or have ever taken. Now I had thousands of photos in i Cloud without a viable way of bringing them back to my i Phone or PC.

For the time being, at least until Apple does something about it, I’ve decided to get off the hook.

Quitting i Cloud Photo Library after having started paying for extra i Cloud storage is as hard as giving up on your credit card after a long vacation.

Yet for me it was worth coming back to where I was before.

In addition, unlike Photo Stream, i Cloud Photo Library counts against the 5 GB limit. Scroll down to see how I did it I bring my i Phone with me wherever I go. I bet I’m not the only one and I refuse to believe that this is a problem. After a number of dead-ends and a punishing army of notifications for “Not Enough Storage Available” and “Photos no longer updating”, I had no other choice. I unlocked a cornucopia of extra i Cloud storage (50 GB) for an unimportant monthly charge (of ).

Albeit, my photos remained in i Cloud, but at least the notifications stopped.