I have used almost all 'hookup websites' and I think that Just Hook is one of the better sites I have seen so far.

I like to get my monies worth and so I make sure the site works for me, but I also set my expectations damn low to, if I cant get sex from going out to bars every weekend for months then I should realise that a naughtie dating site is hardly going to change the way I look or how easy I find it to bed chicks.

But if you take your time and play the game properly, hedge your bets a little with a few memberships, sent A LOT of freaking messages and spend some time on your about me section then you can definitely see results.

Sometimes its a dirty chat, sometimes its a webcam session (usually if you stay quite far a part or if the chick wants to see you before she meets you), sometimes its a hand job in the back of a cinema and every once in a blue moon its going all the way in a cheap motel.

But if you arent clear that this isnt sex on tap before you sign up to one of these sites, then dont bother as youll be throwing your money away.

With all the good stuff im seeing about Hookup Hangout im thinking I might have gone for the wrong site (annoying as I paid three months up front, typical).

I mean its a nice site and everything, simple to use and all that stuff but I want more than a nice looking site with supposedly lots of profiles, as the site isnt the end of the journey its the bridge thats meant to get me to where I want to be (and thats up to the knees in hot hotty)!A few people have told me it can take a while so im trying to be patient but I am wondering if ive been sold a pup.I really have to laugh at some of the reviews that you find on sites like this.Anyone that thinks your gonna get off a few days after signing up to one of these kinda sites is clearly living on another planet.Even the very best sites (im thinking Hookup Hangout.com, etc) dont work unless you work them.All of these sites make there money from people paying and then leaving without really putting effort in.