The site's still pretty basic, but its simplicity does make it easy to navigate.

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Are you looking for love and also believe that shape-shifting reptilian aliens control the Earth?

Do you like posting cherry blossom petal pictures on Instagram and discussing the 9/11 Truth?

Well you're in luck, because there is now a dating site just for you!

Launched on the April 13, Awake Dating is the brainchild of self-proclaimed Australian "truther" Jarrod Fidden and joins the likes of Dating Freedom Lovers and Paranormal Date.

Jarrod Fidden: The meaning differs from person to person.

For me, it's somebody who is more on an in-depth critical thinker, they question the mainstream narrative.

Have you always been "awake" or did that worldview come later on in life?

A month in, the site has notched up over 4,0000 'awake' members—not be confused with "woke" people, apparently—and by the sounds of it, Jarrod has big plans.

He's just hired a chief technology officer from the US, a legal representative team, and numerous coders.

He revealed plans for a social networking site this week too, and is meant to be pushing out an app next.

I've been single for a while now, and am partial to the odd alternative lunar landing theory, so I set up a profile.