"This life has a purpose, and the purpose is not to get famous, but ...

The success and attention the band has achieved have been considerable.

But Bradley, who attended BYU, served as a full-time Mormon missionary in Germany and married her husband in an LDS temple, knows the importance of staying grounded, especially when it comes to faith and family.

Bradley's beliefs and conversion story were recently featured in a video, released April 2, that was produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through the "I'm a Mormon" campaign. It’s kind of like a (church) calling — you could say no, but you probably shouldn’t. It’s one of those things that I’ve spent time just clicking and watching ("I'm a Mormon" videos), so it’s fun to have one of my own.

Everybodys got an opinion, which is why I think you have to be secure in what youre doing and with your own routine or your path in life, your relationship with God or your relationship with yourself.

If that at all isnt secure, I can tell you the Internet can be a deadly place.” Elaine Bradley Bradley is a member of the American new wave/pop/rock band Neon Trees, which has been rising in notoriety over the past half decade.

While her career as a drummer for a high-profile band may defy the Mormon mom stereotype, Bradley has found a way to live her beliefs, cherish her family life and pursue her passion for music.

And whether she's on stage in Amsterdam or walking the Provo River Parkway, she tries to maintain perspective on it all.

The single "Everybody Talks" was featured in a Buick commercial in 2012 and later reached the sixth spot on the Billboard singles chart.

A Rolling Stone review of the band's most recent album, "Pop Psychology," describes Neon Trees' music as a "refashion(ing of) post-Strokes dance rock into unshakable radio pop. A., its slick simulations of neo-New Wave might seem cynical.