NAMIBIA's Paralympic track queen Johanna Benson will compete in the IPC Athletics Grand Prix Final of the Müller Anniversary Games at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England on Saturday. CORNASTONE Information Technology Services Pty (Ltd) is experienced in the delivery of tailor- made hardware infrastructure, systems management solutions and value-added software solutions that enable businesses to realise their full potential.

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I am sure you will hear sad tales of exploitation of those poor girls *** *** POLICE brutality is rife in Zimbabwe, as was confirmed by the video on You Tube, and yet we find some Namibian lawmakers supporting the Zimbabwean government blindly.

Are those that are mistreated by the Zimbabwean government not fellow Africans?

Shame *** *** IT is the government's own fault that Namibia is classified as a middle-income country.

The property prices are those of middle- and high-income countries.

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Government must lower property prices to be regarded a low-income country.

*** *** SMS Of The Day IT defies logic for an arid/semi-arid country to open the floodgates of big dams during good rainy seasons and allow the water to flow into the sea, just to be faced with a dire water shortage come the next dry season.

We need every drop of *** *** SMS Of The Day WE as a nation need to understand the power of words and thoughts.

We sometimes wonder why things do not go as we plan, without realising that it is likely because of our negative thoughts.