The Baldwin Hills teens tackle issues on respect, overcoming their checkered past and celebrating accomplishments.Can the Baldwin Hills teens learn to embrace each others differences or will their differences strain their relationships?The Baldwin Hills teens are going at it from double dating to worrying over the past.

Gerren struggles with her feelings for Moriah while Lor'Rena schemes with Aunjel. Moriah tells his mom his true feelings about Gerren. Sal and Lala have a double date with Lor'Rena and Johnathan.

Seiko's birthday party could be the site of conflict started by Gerren. Ashley receives advice from her celebrity aunties Star Jones, Vivica A. Gerren anticipates her movie premiere and later receives advice from Justin about Moriah.

At that party some tension builds up when Gerren and Lor'Rena gets into a conflict. Elsewhere, Sal interviews for an internship, Staci tells Seiko her secret, and the "Forgiveness Walk" is launched.

The third season of Baldwin Hills premiered on January 27, 2009 and concluded on March 17, 2009.

This is rumored to be the final season of the series, since a fourth season hasn't been filming or announced.

The following is a list of the cast members for the 3rd season.

Justin talks about his past with his youth group and invites his friends to church with Kirk Franklin.

Lor'Rena receives advice from her grandmother on her feud with Gerren. Sal has a date with La La and considers a new path.

This season pairs five cast favorites from Season 1 with five new ones.

Held together by a camaraderie that cuts across social class, watch as the Baldwin Hills cast grapple with back-stabbing boyfriend treachery, former friends turned foes, and prying parents as they face the biggest challenge of all: the looming specter of adulthood.

Watch as the new cast of Baldwin Hills grapple with back-stabbing boyfriend treachery, former friends turned foes, prying parents and more as they face the biggest challenge of all-the looming specter of adulthood.