Experts say applying a simple mediation technique to your house, garden and workspace can improve your quality of life.Chances are, in the slew of “New Year New You” suggestions, you will have read about mindfulness.Indeed, it was pretty hard to get through last year without noticing it.

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The research, conducted by a team of Australian scientists, revealed that women tend to be more attracted to men who are high in mindfulness.

Being mindful means trying to engage your attention and keep it in the present moment.

It also encourages an attitude of curiosity and openness and being non-judgemental.

The study analysed the results of a speed-dating experiment of 91 people, in which participants were asked to rate how physically attractive each person was before meeting them.

Schools, law firms, banks, governments, the US military...

they are all offering mindfulness sessions to staff.

I’ve tried it, and I failed abysmally in my quest to achieve mental peace.

Before the speed dating began, participants also completed a questionairre designed to measure mindfulness.

The findings exposed a significant gender difference: men were more drawn to physically attractive women, women much preferred the more ‘mindful’ men.

Researchers also indicated that more ‘mindful’ men are more attentive to their partners, and more communicative.

Reportedly relationships aren’t the only thing that can benefit.