The whole written history of the human race has been a story of conflict, warfare, genocide, slavery, injustice and poverty, and we don’t find much difference today in our TV news.We have had many great thinkers trying to solve these problems, through either religion or politics, but what is noticeable with all these solutions, is that they all have failed Religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism all have not succeed in stopping conflict and wars.And in many cases seem to make the situation worse, as conflict between different religions and religious sects has caused many wars.

Later on Communism and Socialism also attempted to create an equal society but likewise failed.

The only political system that has noticeably improved the lives of the people has been democracy, even though wars and inequality are still commonplace in democratic countries.

Because of the failure of both religions and politics to create a better world for us all, many people have given up on this, while those who still try, end up using the same methods that has been tried so many times in the past.

But throughout recorded history the one thing that hasn’t been tried and that is Matriarchy.

Men have a competitive instinct and women have a maternal instinct and these instincts make a big difference in the way men and women behave Most male animals tend to fight each other for power and access to females, and evolutionists tell us this is a good thing, as the strongest male gets to pass on his genes to the next generation.

This may be all right for animals to behave like this but can be a disaster when human males have the same instincts. Back in medieval times they had the sport of jousting where two riders charge each other with long lancers on horseback.

This is not much different to the way stags, bulls and rams with big horns, charge each other every spring.

In the whole of recorded history it has been men who have ruled our world, and as history has shown us so many times, men do a terrible job in doing this.

So if we recognize that men on the whole make dreadful rulers, then it makes sense to see if women can do a better job.

So why would women do a far better job in ruling our world than men?

The reason would be to do with our basic instincts.