There is something about that scene that reminds me of the openness of children to anything, if only they see a smile. This young lady, Kim Sun-A, is a stunning actress and her part was played flawlessly in my opinion. How do you fall in love with someone you ahve never met or didn't even know existed....... Talk about being jealous of the leading man in this show.........

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Yours had sooooo many vowels, it scares the crap out of me. I will still watch them again and again for the rest of my life. I'd like to see more of your works in the future especially if you'll be doing a movie or tv series with MR. I am always amazed by your acting, i feel when you cry, I laugh when your happy and being in-love. -I'm one of your fans here in Phllippines: D More powers to you unnie! I have enjoyed everything that I have watched with her in it!

I will be waiting for any updates, interview, drama or movie again. I hope they continue the story of Scent of a Woman...something along the lines of she beats the cancer and they get to live a long full life would be nice. I'm looking forward to your new movie "The Five" :) And especially to your new Chinese drama "Competition of Roses." :) Stay Happy and Safe eonnie :) We'll always be here for you :) May you visit our country again :) Lots of love from the Philippines !

In an industry bursting at the seams with incredible talent, she's right up there at the top. It has been a long time since I've been so emotionally invested in a character. Based on the off camera videos, she is warm person. Im always watching I do I do several times because of her acting and that of their chemistry of Jang Woo. I LOVE KIM SUN A :) She's my no.1 actress in the world And she's almost perfect :) Beautiful inside and out :) Reaches out to her fans and gives her best in everything she does even if it results to injuries..

Netflix did a great job adding Korean shows for US viewing.

Although I finished watching "My Name Is KSS" some time ago, one scene of yours returns to my thoughts once in a while. Have only just seen Sun A Kim in I do I do, and she plays her character stunningly. All the movies and drama series of Kim Sun Ah that Ive watched she'll make laugh and cry.

Watching you plod along in French, a few words of English, then barrel on with abandon in Korean, while talking with Daniel is such a fabulous, real scene to me. Very strong acting talent showing emotional depth with each situation whether funny or serious. Very talented can play the piano very well sings well she can even sing an english song she is so pretty A MODERN DAY MONALISA,, she is ONE OF A KIND. Take care and may the Lord Bless you with good health and bless you all the time..Your scene reminds me so much of some of the amazing human beings who helped me when my family moved to new places. I have recently been watching Korean TV shows on Netflix.I learned from them two things : a) a new language; b) how to just see a human being, not a language barrier, or different food, clothes, facial features...; just human to human. I find them to be so much more entertaining than TV shows here in the U. The actresses are so much more realistic in their portrayal of their characters.Looking forward to finally getting to see Scent of a Woman in the future.I liked the music of I am legend but I also know I would have loved it with Kim Sun Ai in it. im really love when you are with rain (bi) during TANGO.. fighting kim sun ah and will be getting married wil be more nicer if both of u will be together in drama.. heheheh This korean actress made laught and cry when i couldn't do both in my wild days and specialy in "sam soon" i hope i can get to know and meet her and learn korean lang with her.