Dating to kids these days just seems to be to have a partner and taking him or her out to the movies, etc.

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Kids dating at a young age video

As kids approach their teen stages they get very tempted to date.

Some kids may not be loved by their parents so they do it to show they can feel love.

On the other hand some children never go through this stage because their parents are very over protective.

I don’t see this as a bad thing, but you need to see dating as a pros and cons situation.

I think that no matter what your parents tell you, you’re still going to do it because if you truly love that person you would do anything for that person.

My point I’m trying to get to is that no matter who you are you’re still going to go through this at an early age.

There’s no law so I guess there’s nothing wrong with.

I surveyed 500 people and based on my results most kids see this as a good thing.

I got 79% say its ok for kids to date at this young age, but I also go 21% say no it’s far too young to do this.