the Magazine of Automatic Manufacturin K Operations Automobile Eng— Automobile Entrlneer Automotive Ind— Automotive Industries ^riodicals Indexed ult pages ix to xii lem & Ind — Chemistry and Industry lem Eng — Chemical Eneineering lem Eng Prog — Chemical Engineering Prog- ■ess vil Eng— Civil Engineering, the Magazine of Engineered Construction al Age — Coal Age m & Electronics — Communication and Elec- Tonics mbustion — Combustion mp Air Mag — Compressed Air Magazine ntrol Eng — Control Engineering rrosion — Corrosion 5sel Equip Supt— Diesel Equipment Superin- endent m Eng — Domestic Engineering ug & Cosmetic Ind— Drug and Cosmetic In- lustry on Geol— Economic Geology and the Bulletin It the bociety of Economic Geologists ic Com — Electrical Communication ! C Constr & Maint— Electrical Construction Jid Maintenance c Eng — Electrical Engineering c World — Electrical World ictro - Tech — Electro- Technology ii4ctrochem Soc J — Journal of the Electro- chemical Society Electronic Eng — Electronic Engineering Electronic Ind — Electronic Industries Electronic Tech — Electronic Technology Electronics — Electronics Eng & Instrumentation. See J Res Nat Bur Stand Eng & Min J — Engineering and Mining Journal Eng J — Engineering Journal Eng N — Engineering News-Record Engineer — Engineer Engineering — Engineering Food Eng — Food Engineering Food Tech — Food Technology Foundry — Foundry Franklin Inst J — Journal of the Franklin Insti- tute Fundamentals. New York 36 Extra nmnber published in Mid-Mav Archives of Environmental Health, $12 m American Medical Association, 535 N Dear- born St, Chicago 10 Association for Computirig Machinery Journal. Box 383, Madison Square Station, New York 10 Automation; The Magazine for Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

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The Jour- nal of the Illuminating Engineering Society ABBREVIATIONS OF PERIODICALS INDEXED Ind & Ena Chem — Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Ind Chem — Industrial Chemist Ind Electronics — Industrial i Slectronics Ind Finishing — Industrial Finishing Ind Med — Industrial Medicine and Surgery Ind Phot — Industrial Photography Ind Quality Control — Industrial Quality Control Inland Ptr/Am Lithogr — Inland Printer/ Ameri- can Ldthographer Inst E E Proc — Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers Inst Mech Eng Proc — Proceedings of the Insti- tution of Mechanical Engineers Inst Metals J — Journal of the Institute of Metals Inst Pet J — Journal of the Institute of Pe- troleum Inst Radio Eng Proc — Proceedings of the Insti- tute of Radio Engineers Instrument Soc Am J. American Society of Civil Engineers Proceed- ings, m American Society of Civil Engineers, 345 E 47th St. Inc, Box A, Lenox Hill Station, New York 21 Name changed to IEEE Transactions on Applications and Industry March.

See I S A J Instruments & Control Systems — Instruments and Control Systems Iron Age — Iron Aee Iron & Steel Eng — Iron and Steel Engineer Iron &. New York 17 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Journal.

Steel Inst J— Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute J Aerospace Sci — Journal of the Aerospace Sciences J Agri & Food Chem — Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry J Ap Chem— Journal of Applied Chemistry J Ap Mech. See ASHRAE Journal Ap Sd Anny63 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Transactions.

j a ibrary p San Francisco, California 2008 ENGINEERING LIB ^^%. cnem Soc J — Journal o^ine American Oil Chemists' Society ^ Am Perfumer — American Perfumer and Cos- me Ucs Am Rocket Soc J. New York 7 British Institution of Radio Engineers Journal.

See ARS J Am Scientist— American Scientist Am Soc C E Proo — Proceedinits of the Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers Am Soc Heat Refria & Air-Cond Eng J. See A S M E Trans Am Water Works Assn J— Journal American Water Works Association Anal Chem — Analytical Chemistry Applications &. 463 West St, New York 14 Bell System Technical Journal. £5 IDs m British Institution of Radio Engi- neers, 9 Bedford Square, London, W C. $11,50; Canada $11.50 m Iliffe Indu.strial Publications.

Ind — Applications and Industry Arch Forum— Architectural Forum. 1 Extra number published in Mav Automotive Industries, s-m Chilton Co, Chestnut & 56th Sts, Philadelphia 39 Bell Laboratories Record. 1 Name changed to Radio and Electronic En- gineer January, 1963 British Plastics. The Maga- zme of Buildine Arch Rec — Architectural Record Archives Environmental Health— Archives of Environmental Health Assn for Computing Mach J— Journal of the Association for Compu Lingr Machinery Astronautics & Aerospace Eng — Astronautics and Aerospace En Kineerinff Audio — Audio Audio Eng Soc J — Journal of the Audio Entrt- neerln K Society Automation — Automation. ; Canada m Iliffe Production Publications, Ltd, Dorset House. Met Bui— Canadian Mining and Metallurgical Bulletin Cer Ind — Ceramic Industry Chem A. 1963 Audio, m Radio Magazines, Inc, 204 Front St, Square Station, New York 10 Audio Engineering Society Journal. Eng N — Chemical and Engineering News Heating-Piping ditioning Hydraulics & Pneumatics Hydrocarbon Process & Pet Refiner — Hydro carbon Processing and Petroleum Refiner Heating. Piping and Air Con- Pneumatics — Hydraulics and IEEE Proc — Proceedings of the IEEE IEEE Trans Applications & Ind — l EKE Trans- actions on Application.'; and Indu.siri' IEEE Trans Com &. Electronics — HOKE Trans- action.'^ on Conmumicalion and Eleclronics IEEE Trans Povwer Apparatus & Systems — l EER Transactions on Power .\pparatus and Systems I S A J— ISA Journal Ilium Eng — Illuminating Engineering. .50 g Sigma Xi, 51 Pros- pect St, New Haven 11, Conn. bi-m Institute of Electrical and Elecronics Engineers.