Copyright 1979 Center for Japanese Studies 108 Lane Hall The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Main entry under title: Bibliography of reference works for Japanese studies. The volumes have been widely used not only for scholarly research but also for building book collections for universities and private research organizations. Each of the ten volumes in this Series aimed to list and give critical annotations for all Japanese reference and standard works available at the time on a given subject.

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HISTORY 91 Historiography Calendars and Era Names History —General Archaeology Ancient History, to 1180 Kamakura to Tokugawa, to 1600 Tokugawa, to 1867 Meiji Restoration Modern, 1868 -War and Postwar Period, 1941 Local History G, BIOGRAPHIES 117 General Works Genealogies Imperial Family Portraits Family Crests Decorations H.

LITERATURE 67 General Works Poetry Waka Renga Haiku, Senryu Songs, Ballads Modern Poetry Individual Works Poetry Diaries Monogatari Individual Authors Criticism and Reviews F.

LANGUAGE 55 Linguistics Dictionaries for Foreign Students Language Dictionaries Grammar Dictionaries Dialects E.

FINE ARTS 31 General Works Cultural Properties Sculpture Buddhist Art Painting Emakimono Ukiyoe Architecture Gardens Calligraphy Ceramics Music Theater No Plays Kyogen Kabuki Puppet Plays New Drama Rakugo Motion Pictures iii CHAPTER D.

PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION 14 Philosophy Japanese Classic Scholars Religion Shinto Buddhism Christianity C.

B48 [DS806] 016.952 79-26600 Printed in the United States of America CONTENTS PREFACE v1 INTRODUCTION Vii EXPLANATORY NOTES ix CHAPTER A, GENERAL WORKS General Reverence Works Bibliography of Bibliographies National Bibliographies Newspapers and Periodicals Government Publications Collections Encyclopedias B.

What might be regarded as a parallel publication to the Center for Japanese Studies Bibliographical Series was the compilation of Nihon no Sankotosho [Guide to Japanese reference books].

ECONOMICS 152 General Works Economic History Economic Conditions Population Management Money Banking Finance Commerce, Industry Trade M. Z/3009/U56 A dictionary catalog covering Chinese, Japanese, and Korean works processed by the Library of Congress since 1958.

POLITICAL SCIENCE 142 General Works Diet Election Diplomatic Relations Administration Local Government L.

SOCIAL SCIENCES 135 General Works Statistics iv CHAPTER K.

GEOGRAPHY 129 General Works Place Names Cartography Atlases Illustrations Travel J.