“It a site that serves a community of men who seek men.

Because of that we are getting a lot of pushback from businesses and advertisers who are uncomfortable with the Cruiseline and Squirt ads.

We are also getting pushback from queer families who say they don’t like having the magazine in their homes where their children might see the ads,” she writes.

The magazine has a circulation of about 4,500 copies, mostly in coffeshops and bars in Winnipeg.

The Adonis ad in the current issue even includes a line that reads, “Tuesday Night Is Cruiseline Pass Night at Adonis Spa,” and includes the Cruiseline logo and phone number.

The ad features a man’s bare torso and the works, “THE NOONER: MONDAY-FRIDAY” along with times and rates for lockers and regular refusing to take Squirt’s business.

“We’ve been committed to using Canadian gay media to build our membership,” he says.

“We have ads placed in Canadian publications from Vancouver to Halifax.” ”Squirt is not a ‘site that sells sex,’” he says.

Morgan hopes to expand that circulation to clinics, schools and more upscale establishments.

She says that refusing the ads is crucial to reaching these markets.“There are so many gay-straight alliances in schools and gay people are using so many health clinics not just in the gay community,” she says.

“We’re tailoring our magazine and our ad package to meet that.

It’s not a condemnation of a particular lifestyle.” continues to run ads from the Adonis bathhouse.