This constant change necessitates a commitment from THD to periodically update the Import Supplier Handbook.In response, The Home Depot expects suppliers to diligently review the updated handbook and adjust practices accordingly.

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Section 4: Supplier Scorecard 20 4.1 Overview 20 4.2 Supplier Performance Metric Table: 20 Section 5: On-Boarding FLEX System 21 5.1 Overview 21 5.2 FLEX Access 21 5.3 Data Collection 24 5.4 Supplier Responsibilities 24 5.5 Supplier Training Error! T H E H O M E D E P O T T R A I N I N G G U I D E 3 5.6 Questions & Answers Error! Section 6: Corporate Policies 28 6.1 Social and Environmental Responsibility Standards 28 6.2 Corporate Compliance and Ethical Standards 30 Section 7: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) 33 7.1 Supplier and Factory Security Requirements 33 7.2 Business Partners 33 7.3 Point Inspections Requirements 34 7.4 Container Inspection Form 35 7.5 Physical Access Codes 35 7.6 Personal Security 35 7.7 Information Services 36 7.8 Annual Factory Security Self-Assessments are REQUIRED 36 7.9 Security Awareness is REQUIRED 37 7.10 Security Plan is REQUIRED 37 7.11 Accurate Contact Information is REQUIRED 37 7.12 Next Steps 37 7.13 Contact Information 37 Section 8: Supplier Quality Requirements 38 8.1 Introduction 38 8.2 Abbreviations 38 8.3 THD General Quality Requirements 39 8.4 Quality System Assessment (QSA) 40 8.5 Pre-Purchase Testing (PPT) 43 8.6 Product Changes Engineering Change Notification (ECN) 45 8.7 Lead Content Requirement 46 8.8 First Article Review (FAR) 46 8.9 Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI) 47 8.10 Switching Rules and Quality Certification (QC) 48 8.11 Supplier Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Certification 48 8.12 During Process Inspection (DPI) 49 8.13 Post-Purchase Testing (Po PT) 50 T H E H O M E D E P O T T R A I N I N G G U I D E 4 8.14 RTV (Return to Vendor) Analysis 51 8.15 Corrective Action and Preventive Action 52 8.16 Supplier Sub-Contracting 52 8.17 Product Safety and Regulatory Requirements 53 8.18 Supplier Always and Never 53 8.19 The Home Depot Quality Contact Info: 54 Section 9: Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) 55 9.1 Overview 55 Section 10: Proprietary Brand Packaging Development Process (2009) 56 10.1 Overview 56 10.2 Process 56 10.3 Timing 56 10.4 Important Considerations 57 10.5 Differences between US and Canada SKUs 58 10.6 Differences between US and Mexico SKUs 59 10.7 Translations 60 10.8 Packaging Reviews by Brand 60 10.9 Photography 61Section 11: Barcoding UPC & i2of5s 62 11.1 Overview 62 T H E H O M E D E P O T T R A I N I N G G U I D E 5 Introduction The Home Depot s (THD) Import Supplier Handbook has been developed to assist existing and potential suppliers in understanding how to do business with The Home Depot.

This document has been drafted to aid the supplier in beginning their relationship with The Home Depot and does not contain all requirements of the supplier once that relationship has begun.

For information on what standards and specifications The Home Depot expects from its suppliers, please refer to the Supplier Reference Guide located under Supplier Setup. The topics discussed in this handbook are dynamic and respond to change in business conditions and stakeholder concerns.

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Job Posting At the highest level, Home Depot Associates must (a... Job Posting Position Purpose: Appliance Sales Associates... shopping at The Home Depot Answering questions about merchandise according to the customers ? shopping at The Home Depot Answering questions about merchandise according to the customers ? Last Date to Apply 07/17/2016 Apply now Save to basket View similar jobs Home Depot Canada is committed to providing accommodations for people with disabilities. Job Posting Position Purpose: Kitchen Designer Qualifiers... Job Posting Position Purpose: Department Supervisors... readiness Ensuring all Home Depot Standard Operating Procedures and policies in the Code of Conduct for you, we want to empower you to feel confident in unleashing it.

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