When things are good, it is time to put pen to paper, close your eyes, and remember what inspired you to love in the first place.Fake People Fake Friendship Two Faced People Backstabbing Friend Nosey People Bad Friends Gossip Metaphors Letting Go Friends True Friend Acceptance Being Who You Are Success Friendship Enemies Attention Actions Truth Honesty Caution Awareness War Conflict Being Used Being Taken For Granted Being Unappreciated Being Fake Being Real Be True To Yourself Advice Cool Fool God Prayer Adversity Circumstances Problems Hurt Broken Friendship Destruction Heartbreak Relationships Life Influence Better Off Without You Lost Friendship Loss didn't want to be my friend in elementary school.

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Why on Earth do you want to be my Facebook friend today? so true..of my best friends started dating this guy although she had a bf for almost 3 years and i spoke to her about it and told her she either breaks up with one of them or she'll end up breaking both of their hearts well she got angry and said "OMG WHY CAN'T YOU BE HAPPY FOR ME" -_- Fake friends are a term used to describe fair-weather or selfish friends.

True friends are like diamonds (precious and rare), while fake friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. Friends are rightly called an alter ego and they are perhaps those people with whom we can share our joys and sorrows. Fake friends are those friends who deceive us and break our trust somewhere down the line.

They talk behind our back rather than talking face to face with us.

In times of adversity, they desert others and leave them in a lurch.

One should be careful while choosing friends and keep such fake friends at arm’s length.

Joan Jett had once rightly remarked, “You got nothing to lose.

You don't lose when you lose fake friends.” It is always good to keep fake or fair-weather friends at arm’s length.

It has the power to inspire individuals to go to unheard of lengths to recapture love that was lost.

Love also has the power to inspire poets and writers to put on paper the greatest masterpieces in existence.

The greatest art formed throughout the centuries were formed in the name of love.

Relationships have the potential to feel really good or really bad.