"I’ve never really been into the gay scene and prefer a mug of cocoa to a wild night on the town, so I’d always found it difficult to meet men.When I joined Gay Dating I was pleasantly surprised by the number of great guys that messaged me.

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It goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge people on first impressions, turns out he was just shy and that came across as a little arrogant.

Our second date was incredible – being able to chat to each other online for a few more days helped, and now we’re pretty inseparable!

" Met on Gay Dating and together 8 months Loel and Hugo "I know it’s part of the joke on Little Britain but when I say I’m the only gay in the village I’m really not joking.

I live in a tiny hamlet in north Somerset and there aren’t that many guys my age who are ready to settle into a quiet country life, but I was looking for someone to keep goats and grow veg with rather than drink Martinis, so that’s what I put on my Gay Dating profile and Hugo replied.

It’s fine to be looking for a simple good time in your twenties, but at my age I wanted more and I wasn’t going to find that at my local club!

I joined gay Dating and within minutes I was getting messages from great sounding guys.

I was on a date about four days later and since then I’ve met a few guys that I’ve had a good time with.

He’d grown up on a farm and was sick of his city lifestyle.

We met a few times and went on some weekend breaks together, then we couldn’t beat around the bush any longer, I asked Hugo to move in with me and he agreed.

Now we happily look after our mini menagerie and love being out of the hustle and bustle of the city." Met on Gay Dating and together 1 year Kevin and James "They say forty is around sixty in gay years, so when I found myself single again at 41, I really didn’t know what to do.

When I went on a night out I knew what they meant too!